Rocket Spanish Review (Updated): Is it really the best Spanish learning software for beginners?

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Rocket Spanish Review (Updated): Does it really work? Discover the best Spanish learning software for learning a new language at

If you are struggling to learn a new language don’t be discouraged. So was I. In fact most people are. But the thing that separates those who succeed from those who don’t is simply trying.

Keep trying until you find a course or system that works for you. In my experience this was absolutely the best language learning course for me.

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About this video:
In this video Erik from uncovers the pros and cons of the Rocket Languages Spanish program and explains why it may be the best Spanish learning program for beginners to learning a new language. In addition, he also recommends some of the other best Spanish software for different types of learners.

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15 thoughts on “Rocket Spanish Review (Updated): Is it really the best Spanish learning software for beginners?

  1. ferdelo roflo

    I’m on my 5th straight day of the program so far. I love it! Just a quick question. How do I download the app to my phone?

  2. Lavesh Bhatia

    So far so good. I didn’t think I would be this comfortable studying a foreign language but their teachers are really making it easy for me. It really helps that they are clear in their pronunciation so I can understand them

  3. carlkkguy

    Wow my cousin recommended this language course to me too. Haha I think I’ll have to give it a try now

  4. Howard Lie

    Heck yea! This course was the best I have used by far. They made it
    so easy for a beginner to Spanish. Even my girlfriend is surprised how
    much I am improving lol :D

  5. Manuel Koliqi

    Is this recommended for someone traveling to a Spanish speaking country for a few months? Me and my fiancé are traveling to Mexico this summer and are in need of some help with speaking the language. My coworker said it really helped him before his trip

  6. Logan Walsh

    I thought it was a great course but not for my purposes. I still learned a lot from it in terms of speaking but I need something to help me prepare for the written exams I have at university. Thanks for your other recommendations though.

  7. Bala Subramanian

    Dude I tried it out. I can’t thank you enough. It’s pretty awesome overall. Looking forward to learning with rocket spanish. thanks man!

  8. احمد شوقي

    I love mixing rocket Spanish with watching Spanish novelas. It’s like everyday I can understand a little bit more than the day before.

  9. Alexandru Ciocan

    About how long does it take to learn spanish with the program? I never had luck with rosetta stone or pimsleur approach. I have heard good things about rocket though.

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