People always assume I can speak Spanish but I can’t. So I fixed this and learned how to speak Spanish…….sort of

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13 thoughts on “LEARNING TO SPEAK SPANISH: FAIL | Daniel Coz

  1. haylin uribe

    que mal que no hables español , el ingles para mi es muy difícil , para ustedes el español igual ¿no? _ . That bad that you do not speak Spanish , the english for me is very difficult , for you the spanish , right? ……( lo e traducido) I have translated it

  2. karla vazquez

    i dont speak english very well, but you did it so wrong, please dont do it again, but that is a good try, thanks!, me llamo isabella

  3. Lia Arosemena

    Aceptenlo, el español es el idioma mas dificil de todos

    Realize, spanish is the more difficult language of all

  4. Sofia Jimenez

    jajaja que chistoso :v yo hablo español y la verdad es muy gracioso escucharlo como hace el ridiculo

  5. 9thousandCITY

    you look like your last name is "Hernandez'', by the way Spanish is a European language its not native to the Americas Hispanic ancestors spoke dialectic languages before the white Spaniards graced us with their presence

  6. Enrique Huce

    There are a few suggestions for how to learn Spanish
    Decide precisely why you wish to learn Spanish
    Try to speak Spanish everyday
    Decide which process works for you the best.
    (I discovered about these and more from Fergs spanish blueprint website )

  7. Tania Durazno Delgado

    You deserve my like because you're very funny and did the effort to speak it… but I'm sorry to tell this..you speak bad..keep trying.. some day you improve it….sorry

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