Learning Spanish in 11 Weeks / 10 Min Documentary

The Year Without English is an experiment in travel and language learning to see how much you can learn simply by not speaking English. We’re going to go to three more countries: Brazil (Portuguese), Taiwan (Mandarin Chinese) and South Korea (Korean).

For more details on the project, such as an FAQ and additional recordings, check here:

The Year Without English

Scott Young: http://wwwscotthyoung.com/blog/
Vat Jaiswal: http://www.vatjaiswal.com/

Video Editing and Filming – Vat Jaiswal
Subtitles – Juan Carlos García
Music (used with permission): Spain Drummer – Proud Music; Pimo – Don’t Bring Me Down
Special thanks to Benny Lewis, Carlos Novarra García, Laura Lozano and Silvia Peradin

14 thoughts on “Learning Spanish in 11 Weeks / 10 Min Documentary

  1. luchin184

    muy buena calidad de imágenes, y muy buena edición de vídeo, impresionante la verdad, y algo motivador.

  2. will wittmann

    I love your videos. You get some really cool shots. I'd actually like to watch a tutorial on that.

  3. Bodwell High School

    Hi Scott & Vat. This Is Andrew from Bodwell. I got your message yesterday but can't retrieve the phone number to call you on. Can you email me your details to andrew.jackson (at) bodwell.edu – We'd love to get you guys in to chat with our students. We have an EOP (English Only Policy) that we think your very powerful experience will help back up! Best Wishes, Andrew.

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