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Visit Luca’s website: http://www.thepolyglotdream.com
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Luca’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/poliglotta80

Matthew and Luca Lampariello are both polyglots who speak in excess of ten languages. In this video they talk about learning Spanish and the techniques that they have used in order to become completely fluent in the Spanish language. Luca began learning Spanish in Italy and has since used a variety of different methods, whilst Matthew started learning on the beach at the age of eight with his twin brother, Michael. They are both now essentially indistinguishable from native Spanish speakers. Quite an achievement!

16 thoughts on “Learning Spanish & 10 other languages with Luca & Matthew | Babbel Voices

  1. TheMustache

    No lo puedo creer, hablas perfectamente en español. Tengo una duda ¿el idioma alemán qué tan semejante es con el inglés? ¿ un estadounidense que no sabe nada de alemán podría entender algo escuchando alemán , así como un español podria entender a un brasileño?

  2. Natalia Tulvan

    Romanian would be a piece of cake huh? Let's see it!
    I do love languages myself but I believe Romanian is quite difficult for a non-native speaker. It has a bit of everything although it's like 60% latin, is has some other nuances too.

  3. samaraisnt

    Ok I gotta correct you here (Native Spanish speaker); Se china? Como se va a ser raton?The translation to that phrase was not "ratty," doesn't even fit the phrase. You even did the eye movement, come on. No jodas. if you're going to make a racist joke, at least own up to it.

  4. Franklin Perozo

    Gracias por mostrar esto en YouTube, I do really appreciate what you are guys doing. Это очень важно, благодарю вас

  5. burritosvsnachos

    and that proves that portuguese has one of the most difficult pronunciations, he's got a thick accent

  6. Freddy Lowe

    Love this video…but why does Luca say how he learnt Spanish in Italian????? Then, when he asks Matthew in Spanish the same question, Matthew replies in Portuguese!!!! Wouldn't it be more logical to have that conversation in Spanish???

  7. AndreCorner

    Damn I wish I could learn another language as quick as the twins learnt arab in that week long experiment, I love to connect with people in their language but I don't know any speaking the ones I'd like to learn :/

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