Learn Spanish through Hindi lesson.1

Learn Spanish through Hindi series of lessons are produced by Nihal Uddin Usmani of Orient Language Lab, F-145, South City, Lucknow-226025, India. Your comments will help us improve the lessons. Email your reviews to: orientlanguagelab@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Learn Spanish through Hindi lesson.1

  1. Rakshit Tripathi

    sir you live in luknow I am from kanpur or meri primary schooling Lucknow se hi hui hai v nice sir why you learn so many languages ? sir plz answer..

  2. Harish Bhatt

    I really thankful to you .. Your videos very helpful me to learn Spanish.. Thank you so much nihal ji.. Plz add some videos paragraph of "learn Spanish through hindi" keep it up fabulous job.. Thank you so much .. 

  3. Divyanshu Gogna

    How many language do you know yaar
    You need to improve your Hindi writing
    At least join every word with the line or at least join aatha b and ee ' s 

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