Learn Spanish: The verb ‘TO GO’ in Spanish made easy

I will show you how to say “to go” in Spanish. You will not only learn how to say “to go in Spanish”. You will learn how to conjugate the verb, how to use it and many more useful Spanish tricks to learn this useful Spanish verb. Remember that the more Spanish verbs you learn, the faster you will speak Spanish. I will teach you the verb ‘ir” in Spanish so you can say “yo voy, tú vas, él va, nosotros vamos, ustedes van, ellos van, ellas también van, todos vamos a aprender español con Butterfly Spanish y hablaremos tan bien que todos creerán que somos mariachis 🙂 Vamos a aprender ir ,”to go”, in order to improve my Spanish language.

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11 thoughts on “Learn Spanish: The verb ‘TO GO’ in Spanish made easy

  1. C.Rafael Caldera

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for a language exchange partner. I'm intermediate, I need to polish my speaking skills and tone down my Spanish accent.

  2. Rob Sanchez Carlsson

    Muy buena profesora, muy clara y alegre con buen carisma! Gracias por te encuentro. Que marivilla

  3. Latoya Bates

    hey everyone I am learning Spanish and would love to have a learning partner if anyone wants to?

  4. Alison Mullarkey

    Your teaching skills are brilliant…very clear delivery in a structured way…please keep the videos coming, would love some more to cover past and future tense if possible? Muchas Gracias!! And happy new year!!

  5. Maynard Miller

    You have a very nice way of teaching and your pronunciation in both languages is very good.I have also noticed that you take on a variety of difficult to teach parts of speech i.e. verbs, preps etc. I'll vote for you!.

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