Learn Spanish – Learning Spanish Verbs Made Easy!

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Learning how to express the future tense is an essential skill when it comes to speaking Spanish. Most methods are painfully inadequate when it comes to teaching Spanish verbs and actually make the entire subject far harder than it needs to be!

In this video I’ll show you the absolute easiest way to talk about the future in Spanish. With one simple equation you’ll be able to take any verb and immediately express it in the future tense.

The beauty of this trick is that you don’t have to spend any time thinking grammatically which is what slows people down and prevents them from expressing themselves with fluency in the language.

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11 thoughts on “Learn Spanish – Learning Spanish Verbs Made Easy!

  1. Hoa Phung

    Hi Paul. Thank you so much for your nice job. A mong various spanish tutorial videos, i find yours most useful and i will tell you why. It simplifies any thing and you don't talk too much which helps not to distract viewer from main points.

    Can you do me a favor by doing a video of verb tenses and conjugations. I just find it so hard to remember and I mess them up all the time. Hope you can sum up all in one video and please give as many example as you can.

    Thank you and have nice day. :)

  2. txmblrxx ProductionsTM

    im watching this to correct my grammar in spanish even though i speak it. I understand it too and I speak fluently. but the hard thing about spanish is that there are different ways to say things so sometimes people might not understand me or i might not understand them so everyone uses simple terms now

  3. Saitentanz

    If there are two ways for future tense and you recommand to chose the "voy a" form, so what is the concrete use for each future tense? I mean, when to use the "hablaré" form and when the "voy a" form? Thanks in advance.

  4. EasyChemistry

    Y además de que es más fácil, realmente es la más usada.. por lo menos en México. Siempre decimos "Voy a ir al cine" en lugar de "iré al cine", por ejemplo

  5. Shuja Hussain

    that's really great….i m really thankful to you for sharing such a nice video….i recently started learning Spanish & this will gonna help me a lot.for sure….thanks.. Zillion times…..God Bless U

  6. Chitra Chaudhuri

    This is the  best spanish grammar  video I have actually come across  .Thank you so much

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