Can You Learn Spanish In Just 3 Weeks? – Part 1| The Spanish Challenge

How much Spanish can you learn with Babbel in just 3 weeks?

To find out, we challenged 15 of our resident Babbelonians to learn as much Spanish as possible using *only* the Babbel app.

Find out how the Babbel app can teach you Spanish in 3 weeks:

Want to brush up on your Spanish too? then give Babbel a go!

11 thoughts on “Can You Learn Spanish In Just 3 Weeks? – Part 1| The Spanish Challenge

  1. NonyaBusiness!

    Guys, here's the bottom line: you can't learn Spanish in 3 weeks. I've heard of Portuguese speakers taking INTENSIVE courses in Spanish and learning it in three months, but that's only because a lot of the words are similar and the sentence structure is the same. Three weeks? Not only is it not happening, anyone who tells you they can teach you a language in three weeks is someone you should run from! They're trying to sell you swampgas!

    To me, learning a language means getting yourself to the C1 level. B2 is good enough but you're not going to be having deep conversations at that level. To get to C1 in Spanish, the average person that doesn't have 8 hours a day will need at least a year and that's still studying four hours a day every day! Babel is trying appeal to those that think you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. It takes hard work and time.

  2. Oswal Del Rey

    How can I get part of Babbel Im from México´s please I would like to leard another language, can I?

  3. Sarah Morice

    Babel, why don't you specify what are their native language And what do they speak already, it would make it much more interesting.

  4. Benny Hill

    The best way to learn a language is to submerge yourself in it. Listen to songs in that language, watch tv program in that language, listen to radio programs in that language. read books in that language but if you can visit the nation in which they speak the language.
    You just can't learn any language in 3 weeks, that's a lie. You just learn the very basics.

  5. Thiago Rocha Ribeiro

    I learnt it in 6 weeks, but I'm Brazilian and the proximity between Portuguese and Spanish helped me a lot haha!!

  6. Samuel Cariaga

    Exchange a language with me, I'm native speaker spanish from Chile, I need to speak my ingles, my wssp its +56 9 71462604.

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