5 thoughts on “Beginning Spanish Lessons 22 of 40 Free Online Spanish Learning

  1. Rodney Johnson

    The easiest way to learn Spanish is at this website SPANISH.LENITO.COM , just copy and paste it on your browser and check it out. I learned Spanish SUPER QUICK! Go to SPANISH.LENITO.COM
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  2. Arley Soto

    No me acuerdo/ No recuerdo. it:lo/ that: eso. How do you say that in spanish? ¿Cómo se dice en español?. How do you say that in spanish? literally translates: ¿ Cómo dices eso en español?. ¿Cómo se lo dice en español? would be in english: How he/she say to him/her in spanish? so is not right in this case. :)

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