19 thoughts on “3 Weeks in Spain After 8 Months of Learning Spanish

  1. Santi Gambon

    El español que se habla en Madrid y Castilla podríamos decir que el el más "neutro", dentro de España existen varios acentos en las distintas comunidades autónomas muy diferenciados entre sí, pero todos se escriben de la misma manera.

    Si existen diferencias entre regiones, imagínate entre países como es el caso de latinoamérica, y cada una con sus peculiaridades…. Por este motivo creo que es una buena idea tomar como referencia en castellano de Madrid por ser el más "neutro" y sin acentos.

  2. Lam rof

    I hate that Madridian lisp. really hated it before and now I am trying to learn Spanish, I still hate it. I am focusing on South America instead. Mexico would have been nice but it is hard to find proper speakers on the street here in the US, as most Mexicans where I am in the west coast speak it with heavy slang. Need to find an online resource probably from Colombia.

  3. Chrisxulo

    You only need like 2 years going whit spanish friends to start speaking it perfectly. Somebody from a latin country in 6mth or 1yr it's enough.

  4. samljer

    My cousin went to france, to learn french, came back burned out on it and only spoke a few phrases.

    Going to a country to learn isnt for beginners.

  5. vdojunky6

    As most people, you're naive about language learning and over emphasise about accents. Let's say, it was the other way round and somebody from Spain came over to the UK to learn English! What if the Spanish person wanted to develop the RP accent and he wanted the proper exposure to attain it. Having arrived at your home, he found out that you are black, what if he thought that you are of African or Carribean origin or from somewhere far off. What if he wanted to move to a white family, whose roots lie within the UK?

    Right, you would start whining about discrimination, racism blabla… Well, you just did the same thing, whilst in Spain. Regarding language learning, it is essential to know the rules of the language; grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and so forth. All of which can be done with someone, who is either native or has an advanced level of prowess of the language that you are learning. Once you know all that, you can play with the accent whichever way you want.

    London is multicultural, just because you live there, you won't just only be exposed to the English people, but also from the former colonies and neighbours of the UK. Why would Spain be any different?

    Use your head for a change!

  6. Atila García

    I think the main difficulty he had was adapting to the culture. Although he points out some things that are crucial to language earning. I've learnt 4 languages and for me the secret is to be very patient and most of all not judgmental with the habits of the native. Everyone should take into account that learning a language means learning a different way of understanding reality. Once you cross over the line of prejudices everything is smooth. Of course the ideal case would be having someone to guide you through this transition. Someone that knows your culture and can explain to you what are the social rules in this country. I wish David Mansaray had attended my courses in Spain. He would have had another impression and would feel more confident and with more eagerness to come back.

  7. Nico

    it's great what you've done, but 3 weeks is not enough. Not even close. I went to england for may years, not saying you have to the same, but it was after 3 or 4 months were i started to follow conversation a bit. 3 weeks is great, but not enough.

  8. Jorge Allthedrums

    Jesus, this guy getting so much flak for focusing on Castellano, what the hell is wrong with people. The guy wanted to work on a speciffic accent so he could better integrate with native speakers and he chose the one that was geographically the closest to him and the most likely for him to encounter.
    Being a Spaniard, I'm a native speaker in English, with an American accent because I was raised in the US. But if I hadn't I would've most likely focused on British English, just makes more sense, it's closer to me.

  9. alexanderjlb

    If you want funny spanish radio programs I recommend you download in a app called Ivoox: "yu no te pierdas nada", "afectos matinales", "Ponte a Prueba", "ilustres ignorantes", "Buenos días Javi Nieves", Wisteria Lane (is a gay program with a humor part at the end), "charrando de tebeos (tebeos means comics"), "Nadie sabe nada", "oh my lol".
    There is a problem, this type of programs use "slag", but I think that if you have a medium spanish level you can understand

  10. Pasi Mattila

    Guys go to language transfer and choose the Spanish course it's JUST 15 HOURS LONG AND Teaches you whole grammar in order that you won't mess things up also it teaches how to talk listen and all. I've been learning Spanish for 3 months and been using the site for three days(since friday evening) and i've learned so much also use hello talk to talk to people they can correct your mistakes and the speaking becomes lot more natural both services are free.

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