3 Tips that Speed up your Spanish Learning

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14 thoughts on “3 Tips that Speed up your Spanish Learning

  1. Samuel Cariaga

    Hi, I want to learn ingles, I need to speak that necessary language. Podríamos intercambiar idiomas, ingles por español, my wssp +56 9 71462604.

  2. joao victor giusti Elguezabal

    As far as I am concerned the biggest issue most people got as far as language learning is concerned is perfectionism.. I mean as adults we care way too much about how we'll come off when speaking a foreing language most of time the vast majority of people are glad that someone has working hard to learn their language

  3. 100PercentOS2

    "El español es su amigo." however the hell you say it seems to be ignoring me because she can't give me any constructive help.  Anyhow this is for the benefit of the others.  That broad in my lessons, that speaks in Spanish sounds like she has a mouth full of garbage at times and I had to listen very close when she ask the guy if he is North American with individual words to speak before the whole question was popped on me. 

    It sounded like "Er, Er Eres, Eres usted, Eres usted, Eres usted Norteamericano." in lesson 1 of Pimsleur shit Approach Golden Edition Spanish I.   I continue to listen so carefully when the word "Es" rang out and said WTF!.   And the question turned out to be "¿Es Usted Norteamericano?" and in a statement "Usted es Norteamericano."   Be aware of the pitfalls of Pimsleur and hope you have some other sources to help decipher some of this garbage.  

    This is my second time around and I'm much better prepared.

  4. Lars Tørnes Hansen

    Hop tips

    Install the Duolingo app. I try to pronounce the words the app says.
    I also repeat previous lessons often, repetition is important.

    Other good apps are iTanslate, and iTranslate Voice. Go premium, if you want to translate longer texts/voice.

    There is also Memrise, AnkiDroid (Android ed): http://ankisrs.net/ (Flash cards), look for the iOs ed there

  5. mk dzviner

    hey, i'm algerian ,i need spanish so badly for my school but i'm really bad at it
    i need some help plz :)

  6. pepjrp

    Funny that you would be a disaster in German, when German is closer to English than Spanish is. My guess, is your heart was not in that language for whatever reason or reasons.

  7. Music Tutorials

    Hi to every one i'm Colombian and i have finished my English course so i wan to practice with somebody. I can help you with your spanish, i'm a social comunicator and i will tell you the correct form of the spanish and it will be amazing if you help me too. If you are interested and learn and improve your spanish ADD ME ON SKYPE: bayron.mendez3

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