Monthly Archives: October 2016

Going to Start School Soon

I just got back into the states in the past couple of weeks. Right now I am sleeping on a friend's couch, but that is not going to be a long term solution for me. It is certainly not a comfortable couch and the friend's girlfriend is not going to be happy if I am not gone in a hurry. In fact I know this guy who works at a place that has apartments in Revere MA so I went to talk to him about getting me a place. I realized at once that these places were too rich for my blood, but he got on the phone and called up one of the tenants. This guy had been sharing a three bedroom place with two other guys, but one of them had just suddenly packed up and left with no warning or explanation. It was pretty promising when I thought about for a couple of moments.

Obviously if you pay for a one bedroom place and then you can add a hundred and twenty dollars for the next bedroom and so forth. In this case this is a luxury apartment and so when you do the math I would still be in this for about three hundred and eighty dollars. That is a lot less than I was expecting, which was something around five hundred dollars per month. I figure that this is something I could really live with, especially since this place has a gym and all sorts of other amenities. I liked some of the girls that I saw walking around, but in fact every girl you see looks great when you have spent six months in a place where there are nothing except other men, all of whom really smell bad if we are honest about it.

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